Dalmatia™ is finally HERE and we are all excited about it!

Classic Soft Dalmatia™ Signature Pullover

Dear reader,

We hereby welcome you to the wonderful world of Dalmatia™️ and to our very first blog post! You might not know much about us yet, but stick around, because you’re about to find out a whole lot more...

Our collection represents those who crave freedom and the opportunity to do anything and everything they desire, whether it be spending one day sunbathing on a beach or on a glamorous white yacht, the next day relentlessly chasing adrenaline and adventure and finally, dancing away the summer nights to the sound of pounding music and endless laughter. These are the people who want nothing more than to live life to the full, have no regrets and make incredible memories along the way. Dalmatia has created something of a love letter to these people, with a collection of garments honouring the beauty of life and those long hot summers that go on forever!
Our collection consists of clothing for men, women and children and introduces a number of key products of varying designs that are based on plain Signature designs, as well as Party, Vacation style and exploration designs.

Dalmatia™️ cares about the environmental impact that our activities have on the world and as a result, much of our collection will gradually be shifted toward more eco-friendly materials. With Dalmatia™️, we can guarantee that your footprint on society and on the world around us will be a positive one!

Stay tuned, because this is only the beginning... we are currently in the process of developing many new and bespoke products just for you, with plenty of new designs also still to come. Watch this space for another blog post every week, where we will be updating you on all things related to Dalmatia™️!

Until next time!

Lots of love,