New clothes and new designs now available!

Dear reader,

Welcome back to our Dalmatia™ blog! Today, it is with great pleasure that we announce this fantastic news: the introduction of MANY new items and designs to our collection!

Here at Dalmatia™ we are constantly working to update our existing collection with unique, one-of-a-kind designs, which we are confident will become staple pieces in your wardrobe in no time! Whether you fancy yourself as a wild party-goer, an explorer, a sailor or even a sunbathing enthusiast, you can find a design that reflects exactly who you are from our diverse collection.

The first new additions to our collection are the Dalmatia™ Signature Jacket and Signature Hoodie. Our Signature Jacket, which has been produced in the style of a trendy Bomber jacket, is lined with brushed fleece fabric to protect you from the elements and is a suitable fit for both men and women. Our Signature Hoodie is a beautiful casual piece, which will help keep you cosy and is also available in five different colors: Black, Navy Blazer, Maroon, Carbon Grey and White.

Dalmatia™ Signature Jacket

Dalmatia™ Signature Hoodie

We have also added additional products to complement our existing Vacation T-shirts: the Vacation, the Vacation Style Pullover and the Vacation Hoodie. Our shirts each come in five different colors (Black, Navy, Maroon, Military Green and White), while our Pullovers come in four colors (Black, Charcoal Heather, Carbon Grey and White) and our Hoodies come in five colors (Black, Navy Blazer, Maroon, Carbon Grey and White).

Classic Soft Dalmatia™ Vacation Style Pullover


Lastly, I am very excited to announce the introduction of FOUR brand new bespoke designs (t-shirt, shirt, pullover and hoodie available in each): One Palm and One Sail. Maybe you’re a sailing or boat enthusiast? Or perhaps a lover of sunbathing on a beach under palm trees? Either way, Dalmatia™ have got you covered, with a selection of designs tailored just for you! Just take a look through our website to find the best product fit for you- we look forward to discovering which items will become staples in your wardrobe!



One Sail Dalmatia™ Pullover

Until next time!

Lots of love,

your Dalmatia™ team