About Dalmatia™

There are many ways in which you can find Dalmatia™. From exciting days of adventure, adrenaline and exploration, moments of solitude on a hot beach, to precious summer nights, where the party seems to go on forever... Whoever you are, you can find a little piece of yourself here, from our unique collection of garments inspired by the long hot summer!

We care profoundly about how our activities impact the wider environment and we aim to ensure that more and more of our clothing is made from eco-friendly materials and that we improve on our corporate social responsibility. With Dalmatia™, you can rest assured that the footprint that you leave on this world will be a positive one!

Dalmatia™ endeavours to be with you throughout your journey, wherever that may take you. Whether exploring, partying or resting your head on a beautiful beach, we can guarantee that you will be making a positive impact on this world and on the environment, with our bespoke collection that we are very proud of.